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My Background

I'm a Holistic Therapist and Energy Worker. I've always been into spirituality from being very young and have always been attracted to nature making, potions out of flowers in the garden, always been connected to spirit and loved crystals. I've worked in retail since I was 16 up until around 2013 my first born was diagnosed with ASD that was the catalyst for me to dig deeper in my spirituality and of cause myself. Because he was non verbal our communication and expression was literally sensing and using intuition. I started care work looking after children and adults with special needs and without, to help me understand how I can care for my son and of cause learn. After all it's hard with any first typical child. Whenever I did care for some of my clients I would give them a little leg massage to help with pain and tension. And most have always said I should do it for a living but not only was I massaging I was channelling Reiki energy at the same time helping them feel good physically and mentally. But it was also then I realised in order for me to give good energy, I must also work and heal myself. So in 2015ish and whilst I was pregnant with my daughter the work begun. Prior to that a lot of it was unconscious and some of it consciously. Whilst working on myself consciously I just enjoyed doing reiki on friends and family, as well as making spell kits for moon rituals, tarot and tea reading. I got officially attuned in 2017 then started doing it as a part-time work. I then went for my holistic therapy course learning how to massage professionally and of cause the nitty gritty science stuff 🤣. Since then the work on myself has been absolutely conscious and has flowed amazingly, taking up a path of the MUNAY KI. Currently in my line of work my aim is to make you feel good about yourself by working on your mind, body and spirit. To enhance a good feeling, relaxing and positive vibe.

I love to treat each Goddess who walks in to my temple like an individual. We all have different needs and wishes. 

You are in a safe space to heal and express yourself. 

My Approach

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